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Teppism 7, the Vandalzine, is a 360-degree magazine, inspired by the first graffiti magazines and since 2016 it has been documenting the works of European and non-European writers.

He analyzes the graffiti phenomenon through a mix of collages, graphics and artwork by the writers themselves. But inside you will also find insights with special interviews, handstyles, bombing, silver, blocks, panels, subways and more.

Teppism 7 is confirmed as one of the most popular fanzines of Italy. Really full of street graffiti, tags and throw-ups, but also panels and insights. In this issue you will find a special to the legendary Buny KR2-WMD, action photos of Night Rails and a series of focuses ranging from painted trains to subways, to freight.

Many illustrations that enrich the issue, signed by Zoow24, Folgorat, Dune, Nico189. Rughy, Goldie, Brako1, Meth, Suboe, Oger and Orgh.

Cover: Hardcover

Relese year: 2019

Pages: 132

Format: A5

Language: Italian/English

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