Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book
Forms of Rockin book



"The idea of ​​style and competing for the best style is the key to all forms of rockin'." - Style Wars, 1983

Do subcultures, such as graffiti, float freely in their space or are they connected to the rest of society? In Forms of Rockin', graffiti styles are first connected to graphic design and other expressions of popular culture such as music, fashion, photography, industrial design and film. Anssi Arte analyzes some of the most powerful visual symbols of the 70s, 80s and 90s and compares design, typography and graffiti styles. The visual styles of James Brown, Blade Runner, the Memphis group and grunge music all appear together with classic fonts and graffiti writers.

The clear, analytical narrative, and carefully crafted visions make it appealing to both graphic design enthusiasts and graffiti enthusiasts. But Forms of Rockin 'is more than that: it's a must for anyone interested in contemporary popular culture and design history.

Cover: Hardcover

Year of publication: 2015

Pages: 256

Format: 22 X 21 cm

Language: English

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