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We are proud to announce that Clash is the new technical sponsor of the international Meeting of Styles 2022, which is considered as the best graffiti event worldwide.

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30 years of graffiti on the Rome underground enclosed in 432 pages, with texts and interviews of 90 of the most prolific writers of the Roman scene. An introspective journey through hundreds of secret archives enriched by some shots of internationally known photographers who have followed and documented this cultural phenomenon since the early days which, despite greater controls and the most severe punishment, does not seem to have an end.

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Reality Check #3 - Silver Bling, Black and Fluo Colors

The third chapter of the REALITY CHECK video series: Reality Check # 3 - Silver Bling, Black and fluorescent colors tested by the Capo writer. Capo is an important Italian writer, who started painting in the early 90s, and who has evolved his style from wildstyle to an original style, based on the proportions, symmetries and geometries of the letters. In this short video you can see a piece made in Verona where he used the Clash fluorescent colors together with Black and Silver Bling.

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Reality Check #2 - Nape, in loving memory

The second chapter of the REALITY CHECK video series: Reality Check #2 - Nape, in loving memory. Nape was a milestone of graffiti in the Verona area, member of the Overspin crew and founder of Eyelab, a cultural association that deals with the promotion of graffiti and writers in the Verona area. He was a person of strong character and a great creative; he was active and prolific in all the main areas of the world of graffiti writing, leaving an indelible mark on the people who knew him. In memory of Nape, various events and conventions have been organized to remember him, with the presence of dozens of writer friends and admirers. Here a short video to remember Nape with his pieces made in the train yards.

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Secse - three pieces, two afternoons, one minute!

From an idea of ​​the eclectic Secse: a one-minute video, shot in two afternoons and containing three pieces, all made with Clash spray paint cans! Secse is one of the leading writers on the Italian scene, active since the mid 90's, a real "legend" for writing lovers. Clash sprays are flexible cans for any type of drawing, both fast and impactful and neat and precise.

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Reality Check #1 - Tyson Silver Bling X Andee

The first short video of the new REALITY CHECK series. The legendary writer Andee, active since the early 2000s, paints with the Clash Tyson 600 ml Silver Bling. You will be able to admire how the Silver Bling chrome silver shines, does not show the passes of the underlying tracks and is easily covered instantly with any other spray color. Silver Bling has always been a top color in our spray range, certainly one of the best on the graffiti market.

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